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Bouncing Planet Maker
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Kit includes ten colorful packets of terraforming powder and 2 molds for both big and small planets.

MSRP: $12.00
CC: Tektite

Wow! rocks made from meteors smashing into earth!

MSRP: $5.00
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Meteor fragment in cool packaging

MSRP: $40.00
Interplanetary Tattoos
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We include all the planets and other awesome space stuff in this galactic set.

MSRP: $6.00
MegaGLUX Galactic Collection
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Space: the final frontier! Go where no Glux has gone before!

MSRP: $12.00
MMRY: Moons & Planets
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An astronomically fun memory game.

MSRP: $16.00
Planet Doku : Soduku in Spaaace!
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Soduku in Spaaace!

MSRP: $24.00
Solar System Transit Map

A guide to the Solar System with all its planets and moons distilled into a handy 5 x 7" subway map.

MSRP: $1.00
You Are Here - Milkyway

Let everyone know where you are in the galaxy. 5 x 7" postcard.

MSRP: $1.00